we are small company which sells internet, web&server hosting and similar services. We are looking for a set of cartoon characters for our website and hardcopied materials, which we will be able to incorporate in design we have.

We do have some characters we use at the moment, our former graphic guy started with stealing LEGO characters, then was asked for change and made something, but was never able to produce a complete unified set - you will see why they are problematic as soon as you look into our marketing materials - spojenet-print.zip (7,5 MB)

We don't have very strict requirements, I will provide some guidelines what the characters could use and let's see what you can deliver. If you have better idea than my suggestion at any point, let's talk.

I can be usually reached at 12-02 CEST (UTC+2)

jabber: mv at michalvlk.cz
icq: 137 384 848
email: michal.vlk at spoje.net
cell: +420 608 658 463

1) We need characters for each category on our front webpage (www.spoje.net) and the guy walking on the menubar needs to be replaced too, of course. On the frontpage, there are currently not all categories from the list below - don't panic and stick to the list.

a) Wireless internet for households - guy installing antena (30cm real diameter, just for info how to relate it to size of the guy) on gable roof of the house

b) Wireless internet for apartment buldings - guy installing a bigger antena (60 cm) antena on flat roof of apartment building (propably just the top of the bulding visible in image)


c) Wireless internet for offices - 2 guys installing huge antena (100-150cm) on flat roof of some office building


d) Fiber to apartment buldings - you ussualy do this underground, so you have to use excavator and will need big cable package and one or two guys operating them - not sure how to fit all in one image


e) Virtual private servers, server housing, webhosting - guy in some schematic datacenter


f) CCTV - security - alarms and cameras - some cameras and guy operating the alarm keyboard

g) IPTV - TV over the internet, guy can watch it on laptop, tablet, or smartphone, preferably on all of them toogether (because one tv is not enough! :) maybe guy and girl, or the whole family each member with it's own device (propably again too much for one picture?)

h) VOIP - a telephone

i) IT management for offices - guy can repair a computer with some openspace in background

j) Network design and deployment - guy can have a rack with some ethernet wiring to all possible directions


Some of the guys can be girls - maybe in f), h), i)

2) Characters for printed material

Some of the images will be similar accross the printed material and/or website - because they sell the same thing - but they does not have to be the exact copy.

"Complete posters" - the first 4 sections (internet, phone, tv and cctv) should have it's own character.

Printed "Complete fiber" is the same as website "Fiber to apartment buldings" and "complete wireless plus" is the same as "Wireless internet for apartment buldings" and the characters should take that into account

Phone, TV and CCTV sections are same on all materials and were already covered.

Small posters - wireless is the same as "Wireless internet for households", the rest was already covered. Each small poster should have it's main character. As for the character next to each price plan - they should tell the customer to buy the most expensive price plan. I am not exactly sure how to present that and neither was our former graphic guy, as you can clearly see ;) Can you think of something? There is also possibility to have just one nice main character and discard the small ones.

VOIP and TV poster - already discussed in website section.

3) Bussiness cards

I would like these character

Technician guy - can have the antenna in hand or stand next to pylon with mounted antenna

Admin guy - is providing support for the guy on the roof, sitting or standing with the laptop - and i know we are talking about relatively small icon, but the laptop should definitely look like IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad, because these are the best laptops in the world ;) He can wear headset


Business guy and business girl - some pack of papers in the hand or something like that